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Dr. Ahmadreza Hosseini

Orthodontic specialist in Tehran from UCL University London, England
Orthodontics Board of Royal College of Surgeons

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Getting to know Dr. Ahmadreza Hosseini

Dr. Ahmadreza Hosseini, an orthodontic specialist, completed her studies at Eastman Dental Institute, University College London (UCL) in London, England.(feminine) UCL University of London, which was founded in 1826, is considered one of the top universities in the world. This university is ranked 8th according to, which is one of the most reliable ranking sources for universities in the world.

Orthodontic methods

The cost of orthodontics

How much does removable orthodontics cost? Is removable orthodontics more expensive than fixed orthodontics? Does insurance pay for this treatment?


Fereshteh Clinic

Fereshte Akhgari Street, No. 1, Unit 12

First Clinic (Varamin)

3rd floor, Jurjani Building, No. 2, No. 2, Varamin, Farmandari St

Second clinic (Varamin)

4th floor, Jurjani Building, No. 2, Varamin, Farmandari St., Naqeibi Alley

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